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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Focus Dell in Future

Michael Dell who was behind the decision of "going private" companies, appears not obtain the expected situation. Therefore, the man born February 23, 48 years ago is trying to find strategies and focusing on PCs and tablets.

Currently, tenure as CEO is not guaranteed to save the company from the threat of loss. She herself could not provide details, but said Dell will focus on PCs and tablets.

In addition, Dell will also seek to sacrifice profits to increase device sales, particularly in relatively untapped markets such as Brazil and China.

Meanwhile, after announcing that Dell became the company went private, a rival company, Hewlett-Packard (HP) released a statement which deplored the move.

HP rate, by going private will have an impact on Dell customers. Companies from the land of Uncle Sam was not going to waste the momentum to take advantage of Dell's decision.

Application for Changing the iPhone Become a hearing aid

The researchers have developed a free mobile application that can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a hearing aid, called BioAid.

BioAid available iTunes developed by Professor of the Department of Psychology, Univesity of Essex, Ray Meddis with a Chief Research in the Department and Wendy Lecluyse of University Campus Suffolk, Nick Clark.

This application is inspired by the science of biology that studies the complexity of the human ear. To use it, users do not need to do a hearing test because the applications for these Apple devices can adjust the sound source over a distance.

"BioAid can be accessed by anyone using the iPhone and iPod. Test hearing was replaced by the exploration process, which enables users to find which setting is matched by her, "said Clark.

Unlike a standard tool that has a single setting, BioAid has six settings each of which has four fine-tuning the settings that allow the user to find a suitable volume.

"We are very excited about the potential BioAid really can change someone's life. Especially the deaf are often pulled out of the public change, "said Professor Meddis.

"The sound is a complex mixture of frequencies, so for people with hearing loss will lose sensitivity to multiple frequencies. Hearing aids amplify some frequencies are usually standard, but BioAid different. This application can compress very loud voice to match, "she said.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Review About HTC one

HTC smartphone battle heats premium at the beginning of this year with the launch of its flagship device, the HTC One. Camera Ultrapiksel be one moment this Taiwanese company, well how Traffic and other leading features? Here's his review.

Charming Design
Techno Okezone One HTC smartphone was tested recently. Questioning design flagship smartphone from HTC is quite charming. The curved design on the back and carry the size is not too big and lightweight (143gram) makes HTC One quite comfortable in the hand.

Just as smartphones in general, there is a camera on the back that comes with LED flash. On the side of the device there is a function of the volume, power, 3.5mm audio jack, and a USB port that doubles battery charging slot.

Overall design premium HTC One could say, this HTC smartphone made by aluminum material coated on all over her body.

Four Pillars Featured
The HTC One carries four main pillars, namely BlinkFeed, Boom Sound, Zoe Camera, HTC TV. The first pillar BlinkFeed ie, features that can provide some personal information in accordance with user needs.

A cursory look similar to the Live Tiles on Windows Phone allows users no longer have access to that particular site. Because, all the information can be presented in BlinkFeed, even the timeline of social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook can be inserted.

Boom Sound, sound Questioning HTC One does have the advantage in the sector. Thanks to integrated audio with beats so do not be surprised when the crew Techno Okezone menjajalnya, the resulting sound quality is excellent. Moreover, by inserting an elongated two speakers on the front, play games and watch multimedia content, feel more comfortable.

Many consumers who pay attention to the ability of the camera before buying a new smartphone. Well, the One, in addition to having the ability to "Ultrapiksel", the smartphone is also equipped with features Zoe Camera which is also the third pillar of this HTC smartphone champ. The results were automatically separated ringkusan berdarkan moment of time and space restraints.

The fourth pillar is carried HTC TV One, through this feature there can conjure smartphone into a TV remote and provides a number of options in the content of television channels. Unfortunately, this new feature only functions as a remote only, but to select the TV channel is not yet available in Indonesia. According to the plan HTC is cooperating with a number of Pay TV provider in the country to present their impressions to the feature.

HTC's flagship smartphone running on the Android operating system that diperapik 4.1.2 with HTC Sense UI interface 5. As a result when the screen feels very smooth sweep. The main menu is made simple, even to put widgets on the home page.

About the performance, One is no doubt as to play games and run applications that require more power. Thanks accelerated quad-core processor 7.1 GHz Snapdrgon 600, 2GB RAM, and Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) Andreno 320, Techno Okezone smooth experience with no lag when playing games with categories of racing, Real Racing 3.

To enjoy multimedia content, the HD-quality movies, Super LCD3 display 16 million colors with a width of 4.7 inches providing a good experience, the screen brightness is not too fast to make the eyes become tired.

When watching movies on HTC One, in addition to the resulting sharp image with a resolution of 1080 x 1920p and a pixel density of 469 ppi. In addition, the ear was spoiled with a soft voice generated from two speakers located on the top and bottom.

Camera Ultrapiksel
The camera became a weapon HTC for its flagship smartphone this. At the moment all vendors vying anyarnya arming devices with 13MP camera, but HTC just equip One with 4MP camera. However, the Taiwanese company that promises better quality Ultrapiksel especially with technology.

When tested HTC One camera is very good for the subdued moments, you do not even need to wear Mode Brust to round up the picture many times. As already noted, all photos by the moment and place immediately into a folder in the gallery, so you can easily if you want to search for specific photos by moment.

Features Zoe Camera on HTC One also allows you to capture video images at once apprehended, so that the moment you ringkus become more alive. Interestingly, if you take a picture with Zoe Camera mode, then when reviewing the photos in the gallery shots will be processed with the sound effects and background image that gives the impression as if the camera shots tell.

With four pillars that carried HTC One, there was no mistaking this smartphone does have enough functionality for those who want the latest gadgets. The ability of the camera and the sound can not be doubted, then screen and quad-core processors are also very helpful in running multimedia content and applications that require extra power.

However, this smartphone can not minimize windows (restore down) for applications like video, documents, and browser. So when you're doing tasks and need a reference from the internet will be a little hassle of having to open and shut the windows.

Meanwhile, there is no information about the price HTC One, obviously this smartphone does not glide in a number of countries. However, according to leaked this smartphone will reportedly sold with price around Rp 7 million, interested? Prepare your pocket and Boyong HTC One.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 GHz. Graphic Processing Unit (GPU): Adreno 320
OS: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean could be updated to 4.2
Interface: HTC Sense UI 5
Internal Memory: 32GB/64GB
Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 2300 mAh
screen: Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen, 16 million colors, 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.7 inches (469 ppi), Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Main Camera: 4MP
Secondary Camera: 2.1MP