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Monday, November 11, 2013

Amazing, Solar Panel for Handphone Battery

Although the development of smartphone technology continues to growth, but it is not followed by battery power that is able to support performance . It, too, has many complaints by iPhone users . However, to overcome these deficiencies reportedly the latest iPhone screen will have solar panels .

Reporting from Forbes , based on the analysis of the technology giant will start using solar panels to help power the touch screen made ​​of sapphire . While Sapphire is the second hardest material after diamond .

That feature will make the Apple choose the material to protect electronic components in their latest product , the iPhone 6 . Features on the iPhone 6 will require more power , so the power supply from the solar panels will help power supply battery .

Not only that , the news is getting stronger with the opening of the position regarding technology products . Even Apple disbursed U.S. $ 10.5 billion in 2014 after agreeing with GT Advanced Technologies for use sapphire screen combined with solar panels .

The funding will be used to purchase the latest laser technology to form micro - channels on the solar panel integrated with the iPhone . Apple itself has been awarded a patent on this technology since last February 2013 .

Meanwhile , the next patent will be accepted in October , where the power of the solar panels will be entered into the system processing power on smartphones . Even Foxconn reportedly producing 100 prototype iPhone that uses sapphire display technology integrated with solar panels .