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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bakrie Into Path

After about WhatsApp, we will discuss about social network named Path. Path crowded rumored that most of the stock is owned by the Bakrie Group. Is this true?

Path spoke about the ownership of the Bakrie Group in social networking. Many think that Bakrie has a pretty big part, but in fact no more than 1%.

Bakrie is one among a number of investors participating in the Series C investment to Path, the total value reaching USD 25 million (or U.S. $ 304 billion).

In series C investment, Bakrie has only a small portion of the stock when compared to other investors like Greylock, Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, Redpoint Venture Partners and First Round Capital.

The series C investment brings total investment funds in the Path to date (since 2010) reached USD 65 million, while Bakrie Telecom became a part of stakeholders with less than 1% in the company.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Talking with WhatsApp

The most popular instant messaging service providers, WhatsApp is now a byword after Facebook bought with a value of U.S. $ 19 billion ( Rp221 trillion ) last week. WhatsApp will remain focused on instant messaging services.

However, WhatsApp ready to roll out the innovation in services, enrich the messaging feature. The company announced it will introduce free voice calls in the second quarter, according to The Guardian, Tuesday 25 February 2014.

Koum revealed, Facebook is working on voice calls to be introduced on a messaging application WhatsApp. For the initial stage, a voice call is only intended for users of iPhone and Android, then followed for BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms.

"I grew up in Russia, where it has had a telephone network. But at that time we did not have any neighbors. Reliable phone that all citizens of the apartment. Guy came and asked to call their families in cities and other countries," said Koum at Mobile World Congress exhibition ( MWC ) 2014 in Barcelona .

"That's why we accept the idea of ​​Facebook to introduce voice services so that users can connect with friends and family who cherished from different corners of the world, " said Koum.

On that occasion , Koum also asserted , WhatsApp will not change and continue to run as an independent company which employs 55 employees .

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Error WhatsApp Service

Some users complained of not being able to WhatsApp to send a message as usual. It is also heard that the owner of the application directly make improvements.

Yes, WhatsApp does acknowledge that their system was problematic. It happened around 02:00 pm Sunday (03/23/2014).

"Sorry, we're currently experiencing server problems, and hopefully this can be resolved quickly," chirping WhatsApp official account on Twitter.

Even so, without naming specific issues referred to the service WhatsApp has now gradually recovered in various countries, including in Indonesia, which previously also reported affected.

"WhatsApp service is back to normal, we apologize for the previous problem," wrote WhatsApp, two hours after the first chirp.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Together Foxconn, TiPhone Will Release a Cheap Android

The world was shocked with whatsapp application bought by the owner of facebook, Mark Zuckeberg. In the future, the world of communication must be governed by only a few people. This time we will discuss about android cheap price.

Android phones more cheap price spread, both global and local brand production. TiPhone was trying to enliven this market segment by introducing A508, Android phone banderolnya only Rp 600 thousand.

"It was one of the first Android phones that cost TiPhone super affordable. Also contrived highly reliable manufacturer is Foxconn, "claims Ankin, Director of Distribution TiPhone the launch event in Jakarta, Friday (02/21/2014).

TiPhone handset phones are first ordered from manufacturer Foxconn. Ankin states is not possible in the future no more artificial TiPhone Foxconn models.

Specifications are pretty good for the class under Android. TiPhone A508 is equipped with a dual core 1GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM.

Other key specifications such as Jelly Bean Android operating system, 3.5 - inch screen, the 3.5 G, 2 megapixel camera, 0.3 megapixel rear camera, and a memory slot up to 32GB.

With the cheap price, TiPhone A508 targeting those who are still using feature phones and want to try to learn to use a smartphone.

TiPhone A508 is also bundled with Telkomsel sympathy card. The user will receive 12GB of free data access for a year and a cashback credit worth USD 600 thousand for two years.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smartphone Panel AMOLED 2K, First From Samsung

New arrival 4K resolution support presence in the smartphone business, seems to provide a challenge for the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics to bring the latest models come with a display that adopting the resolution power.

Yes, how not, because of coincide with the seminar Roadmap 2014 Semiconductor and Display technology some time ago, the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, has reportedly been officially revealed today that it is preparing a smartphone with an AMOLED display panel support (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) QHD (2560 × 1440 pixels) and also UHD (3480 × 2160 pixels).

Although not known to be related to the specific info is 4K, but the presence of this disclosure can be known at least 4K maps smarphone upcoming competition in the market in addition to the manufacturers from Japan and China which have helped first play.

And one thing is for sure, support for 4K resolution at the size of 5 inches and above will obviously be to have a special attraction in the market rather than the device with a smaller screen of course.

Well, now there is something quite interesting to look forward to in the near future, whether the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will also pack the 2K display panel or not. Well, We'll see!

Monday, February 10, 2014

WOW, Galaxy S5 with Eye Scanner

Not want to compete with the iPhone 5S who has a finger scanner sensor security technology, the Samsung Galaxy S5 states soon bring the eye scanner technology in April.

Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile, Lee Young - hee revealed the Galaxy S5 will be paired with smart watches the latest version of the Galaxy Gear, so as to demonstrate the function of more advanced features.

Lee stressed, very serious company to rival the iPhone 5S, by deciding to present hardware changes on the Galaxy S5. Samsung studying the market response was so great of the Galaxy S4.

"For S5, we will return to the market. Mostly, we changed the look and the cover, " he said, quoted by The Verge, Friday, January 10, 2013.

Delivered Lee, the performance of the Galaxy S4 which is the successor of the Galaxy S3, so do not get a great response since both seem similar, there was no significant change.

"When we moved from S3 to S4, it is true that consumers can not get much difference in terms of physical, would the market reaction was so great, " Lee explained.

In addition to changes in the hardware side, Samsung presents signaled major changes in its software, including the new interface

Curious ? Wait on the game in April.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Smartfren Launching a New Produk

In the era of the smart phone competition, the competition more exciting with the emergence of a variety of vendors from local to global. According Sukoco Purwokardjono, Division Head of Product Development Smartfren, vendors will emerge as the winners are vendors who are committed to the values ​​and technology products.

"They're the winners are serious and really committed to product quality, " said Sukoco , in a written statement on Thursday 6 February 2014. He added convenience product design also helps successful mobile vendors pitch. " For example, the menu on the handset which has been known as the Nokia familiar. Device is known by its menu comfortable, " he said.

Vendors are able to adapt to the latest technology trends, said Sukoc , will come out as the winner of the competition in the smart phone market . "The trend of new technology will bring forth a new experience for user, " he said.

Consumers ConfusedEven so, the brand activation is also important in order to increase the handset vendors succeeding. Reinforcement can be done at the end of the marketing, sales outlets eg handse.

According Sukoco, many emerging smartphone brand may confuse potential consumers who buy smart phones. " Therefore, it is necessary advocacy at the outlet level, since buying decisions are often influenced by the owner's handset outlets, such as our Andromax be some type on the market, " said Sukoco.

In November, 7000-8000 Smartfren claims to have posted the activation of each phones Andromax customers are sold each day. "The numbers continue to grow rapidly. Within a month, Andromax sold could reach 320,000 units per month nationwid , " said Sukoco.

North Korea Plagiarism Apple Software

Computer operating system used in North Korea, Red Star, allegedly mimic the appearance of artificial software US, Apple Mac OSX. Previously , the operating system is made to resemble the Windows operating program from Microsoft.
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 the findings were first noticed by computer experts from the United States , Will Scott. At the end of 2013 yesterday, Scott became a lecturer in Science and Technology Universtas Pyongyang.
That findings, published later by Scott to a blog address at In her blog, Scott wrote software that changes the look that occur in early 2013. Now, Red Star has entered the third version .
The software, now can be found on computers in almost all libraries and schools .
Red Star first introduced to the world in the year 2010 ago after a student from Russia studying at Kim Il Sung University of uploading them to the virtual world. However, just like other programs, this software Red Star were not spared from the Government of North Korea's propaganda.
For example, when turned to the calendar, the year referenced in 2014 but now is not the 103, the length of the period since the beginning of the North formed their leader Kim Il - sung's birth.
Despite living in a country closed off from the outside world , but there are still many North Koreans have access to technology, including cell phones . However , the equipment is closely monitored.
For example, access to the virtual world, people can only visit sites that largely funded by the state. In addition to government-supported site , then the page was blocked.
The current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong - un is trying to demonstrate the ability of the technology to power in the country since December 2011.
In August 2013 yesterday, Jong - un visited a factory to produce the claimed place the first smart phone in North Korea .

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Satya Nadella and Its Role in Microsoft

According to BBC news station , Nadella is Microsoft 's third CEO. Birth of Hyderabad, India, 46 year old executive was joined to Microsoft in 1992 and a bachelor 's degree in three areas of electronics, computer science, and business administration.

In Microsoft's server business in semmpat lead and supporting equipment before the unit was given the responsibility of managing Microsoft's cloud computing , namely Cloud OS. The unit was successfully introduced popular products such as Bing, Skype, and Xbox Live. The unit that he led was a great success.

Gates also praised the expertise Nadella. " Satya proved to be a leader who has a great ability in engineering, business vision, and is able to create teamwork. Vision him about how technology will be used and be felt around the world really needed Microsoft when the company entered into a new phase of innovation and growth products broad, "Gates said.

Observers also judged that Nadella background in cloud computing, which has been instrumental growing the business to Microsoft, will be a plus for him. Satya really one of those people who strengthens commercial enterprise, " said Kirk Materne of Evercore Partners.

However, Rick Sherlund of Nomura, warned that Nadella has not had enough experience to lead the company as big as Microsoft. There are fears that Gates and Ballmer would keep control of the company." It is important for Nadella to be able to freely make changes," said Sherlund.

New Era in Microsoft

Finally, the wait to find a figure Microsoft Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) definitively over. Enterprise software giant announced it has appointed Satya Nadella as the new CEO replaces Steve Ballmer.

Reported by Microsoft 's official website on Wednesday 5 February 2014, Microsoft founder Bill Gates delivered the announcement. What is the reason in the world 's richest men entrusted in the hands of Microsoft's Nadella.

Gates judge Satya has proven his leadership. " During the transformation, there is no better person to lead Microsoft's Satya Nadella apart, " said Gates.

" Satya is a leader with expertise in engineering, business vision and proven to bring influence," Gates added.

The founders were also convinced by the vision of technology is needed Microsoft's Satya in treading new chapter to expand the company's product innovation and growth.

Since joining Microsoft in 1992 ago, Nadella has pioneered major strategies and techniques to shift the entire portfolio of Microsoft products and services.

In the eyes of Gates, the most important thing is how Nadella step toward bringing Microsoft's cloud services and development of one of the world's largest cloud infrastructure services to support Bing, Xbox, Office and so on .

When he served in the division of Server and Tools Business, Microsoft proved able to excel in the market and take market share from competitors.

"Microsoft is one company that is truly rare to revolutionize the world through technology, and I feel very honored to lead the company," Nadella said .

Nadella also optimistic about the next step Microsoft. He said, the company still has ample opportunity to win the competition in the market.

"We have to focus, move faster, and constantly changing. Most of the work my job is expedite our ability to bring innovative products in the customer 's head faster," he said.

Microsoft 's new captain confidence delivered by the outgoing, Steve Ballmer. He recognizes leadership and Nadella said Nadella is Microsoft's figure is right for the moment.

In addition to selecting Nadella as CEO, the company also announced the board of directors of the company. Bill Gates is now occupied Founder and Technology Advisor Microsoft, left his previous position as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

While John Thompson fill seats concurrently Chairman of the Board of Directors and Independent Directors of the Board of Directors.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Eye - spy NSA Users Angry Bird

Angry Bird game has worldwide trends. Finnish game developer that made ​​1.7 billion have been downloaded and played by most of the users of mobile phones and tablets around the Earth.

However, from this moment , the game users have to be careful . Therefore , leaked secret documents of the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) NSA latest show with partner British intelligence , GCHQ , routinely collect personal data from users of this game .

Reported by the BBC , Tuesday, January 28, 2014 , the leak was delivered by former NSA contractor , Edward Snowden . The document also revealed that the NSA and its partners have been collecting information from the users of other mobile applications since 2007 .

To scale information gathering user data has not been clearly reported . However , data collection includes mapping , gaming , social media applications . In its action , the NSA was mentioned using the same technique in infiltrating the mobile Internet and data traffic text messages .

One of the documents GCHQ in 2008 showed effective control running on Google Maps users .

NSA 's intelligence partners report also said , in 2012 ago , the NSA has been intercepting user information from Android phones Angry Bird .

However , chose to keep mum about the GCHQ intercepts it and argue all the activities undertaken during this authorized .

This leak seemed to break the U.S. government agency that claims that states are not interested in collecting the data in addition to terrorist targets that have been set .

" The collection of foreign intelligence information that focus on smartphone communication or social media every day on U.S. citizens is not true , " said the NSA at the time.

Another NSA document also describes the " golden blob , " a perfect portfolio that allows the NSA analyst can get free information from a wide range of applications including mobile network -connected , downloaded documents , websites visited friends until the desired target .

Apple and Controversy PRISM

Apple is still furious with surveillance programs launched by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) program through PRISM. However, it confirms iPhone manufacturer claims that the NSA was able to infiltrate the company's servers utilizing the back door is not true.

It was said by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, reported by Techcrunch, Monday, January 27, 2014.

"We have tried to be open and transparent rice in total. Much has delivered it's not true. No back door," said Cook.

To that end, he made sure the Uncle Sam government does not have access to critical company data.

"The government does not have access to our servers. And it's not going to happen," he added.

Previously, the NSA claims, to run the PRISM program, the intelligence agency admitted to not need the approval of the company and the company does not need to know the center tapped.

Apple and several other technology companies - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, and more - even taking initiation encrypt their network.

"We want transparency. I think it will help us," said Cook.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Porn Still a Popular Search

Today, useful technologies to help people live. Even technological innovation has also been revolutionized pornography. The advent of printing technolog , video cameras and the internet are increasingly expanding and spreading pornography in a way that is more convenient .

Reported that a team of experts across various sciences , sexualitics , creating a kind of tools like Google Trends but specifically to map pornographic content. This tool is called Porngram.

Porngram mentioned trace the evolution of 800,000 keywords in the title of the video content is uploaded to a porn page, throughout 2007 to February 2013.

With this tool, allows users to enter a keyword to see how often keywords appear in a porn video titles uploaded in the site.

Porngram constructed from a set of data Sexualitics taken from a porn site. Content that is the subject of research data analysis porn.

Data from a site, which is seen 1.2 million video, but not equipped with upload time making it less attractive for research. Eventually researchers turned to the site only.

The research team consists of Coulmont Baptiste, Antoine Mazières, Trachman Mathieu, Jean - Philippe and Christophe Prieur Cointet have different expertise is computer science, sociology, statistics, mathematics and gender studies.

They picked the title, link, description, number of views, comments, duration, date of upload to the username penggungah video
. The data was then analyzed using a quantitative approach to understanding clarifying pornography .

Saturday, February 1, 2014

BlackBerry Jakarta in Barcelona

Canadian manufacturer of smart phones , BlackBerry , will show off at the event Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) in Barcelona late next month .

BlackBerry confirmed will feature a variety of the latest products in its flagship annual event . One that will appear is the BlackBerry ' Jakarta ' , which is produced by the BlackBerry manufacturing partner , Foxconn .

Reported by BerryReview , Monday, January 27, 2014 , according to sources FocusTaiwan , certainty was delivered by the Chairman of Foxconn , Terry Gou .

"We are working with BlackBerry to design a new device , and we will be exhibiting a wide range of devices in Barcelona, " he said in a charity festival Hon Hai .

Although he did not specify how much and what type of phone will be exhibited at the MWC later, but a little leak, the device will be plotted for the Indonesian market and Mexico.

Judging by the phone for the Indonesian market is very large , it is most likely the phone is the BlackBerry Jakarta, as we said before the BlackBerry some time ago.

Gou said the strategic alliance with the BlackBerry is a breakthrough in the global technology industry. The cooperation also has future plans for investment and global marketing together.

According BlackBerry CEO John Chen, reported by Phone Arena, Jakarta BlackBerry phones will come with an all - touch display, unlike other models BlackBerrry average comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard feature.

Facebook Profit $18 Million in 2013

Who doesn't know about Facebook ? In 10 years , the social networking site was transformed so social media strongest on Earth . The number of users has now broken 1.2 billion . If you created a new state , so Facebook second most populous country after China.

So, what has been achieved in the age of Facebook stepping decade ?

In the last 2013 , Facebook announced that it has successfully made ​​a profit of U.S. $ 1.5 billion (equivalent to Rp18 , 31 trillion ) .

Facebook revenue stuck in the past three months , which is a social networking site made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg had pocketed U.S. $ 523 million ( Rp 6 , 38 trillion ) , skyrocketed U.S. $ 64 million compared to the end of 2012 .

Facebook says its financial scintillating as inflated advertising revenues exceeded U.S. $ 2.34 billion ( Rp28 , 5 billion ) , up 76 percent compared to the year 2012 . Special mobile ad reportedly boosted to 53 percent .In terms of number of users of Facebook was still a lot of takers . FB active users daily reached 757 million accounts in December 2013, up 22 percent compared to the same period last year ." Facebook closes in 2013 with a very satisfying achievement , " said Mark Zuckerberg , founder and CEO of Facebook , was quoted V3 , Saturday, February 1, 2014 .

" We are ready to welcome the next decade and continue to linking up to the rest of the world , " he said .Seeing the performance of mobile advertising is more sexy , Zuckerberg said the company will focus on the development of the mobile universe surrounding the next few years .

"Overall , the year 2013 was an important year for us . If the year 2012 was a turning point of the main products PC to mobile products , then in 2013 it is time to turn to the mobile business , " said Zuckerberg ." I hope 2014 will be a year where we can start to deliver a new experience to Facebook users to their mobile phones and tablets , like never before , " he said .