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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mobile Phone Battery Could Be a Bomb

Hazards caused by fake charger, the more recent concern. Not only makes the device easily damaged and overheated (overheating), there is also to explode so tails lives have been lost. How fake charger could be fatal as it is?

According to gadget enthusiasts Lucky Sebastian, a great device to have IC (Integrated Circuit) that regulate the amount of inflow to recharge the battery. Any inefficiencies or excess charging, usually converted into heat.

"Device has a mechanism to deal with overheating. At the new peripheral devices usually will come out a warning on the screen when it is too hot, and asked to be dismissed before the user or the device will automatically reboot," he explained.

Gadtorade gadget user community frontman said, the processor of the device is now faster for computing. One effect that generates excess heat.

Especially when he is in-charge device is being used, such as playing games that drain all the computing device capabilities, the gadget will be very hot.

Gadget turns heat also can be caused when the signal is not good. The device must expend more energy to achieve a more distant base stations. It generates significant heat.

"It is common that the device-device now when the first in-charge, the battery capacity will soon rise more quickly filled, but the device also feels hotter. Approaching full, the charging process is slower, but the device became colder.'s Called trickle charging, "he explained.


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