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Sunday, June 15, 2014

ZTE: Samsung Mobile More Expensiveness Series

Currently Samsung may already be the king of Android phones. But not all assume that the output product of South Korean manufacturer of quality, some even consider it too expensive.

ZTE is just one of the many mobile phone vendors competitor Samsung in the smart phone area. Competition was fierce, demanding product innovation, and a competitive price in order to excel.

One of the ways in which Samsung to boost sales is, release products quickly, specifications flashy, has many interesting features, and do not forget to vigorous campaigning advetorial.

That's what makes the price of the product assessed ZTE Samsung swell. Here and there costs beyond the cost of the components automatically raise prices when the phone released to the market.

"Everyone knows, and can be found on the internet. Prices Samsung components far below the selling price of the cell phone," said Sales Director of ZTE's Handset Business Unit Indonesia Luo Romeo.

From there Luo judge fairly expensive price of Samsung mobile phones. Especially when compared to products made by ZTE which claimed no less great.

"With the same specifications of our products can be 30% cheaper than the Samsung products. Concerning the quality we are not as bad as they (Samsung-ed)," Luo said at the Grand Hotel Nikko, Nusa Dua, Bali.


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